About Weddings & Marriage Planning

After falling in love…after living together….after a divorce…before, during and after children….before a cross-country transfer…after choosing a partner…before the adoption…despite the illness…without ever living together…first time love…fifth time love…for the sake of a child to be….21st century wedding choices seem more complicated than ever. Yet people are still choosing this public commitment to work together at putting more love into the world. And many 21st century couples have no religious denomination or two denominations or think of themselves as more spiritual than religious or have more personal ideas about their ceremony than a traditional church might allow. But if adding depth to your spiritual life is part of your commitment to each other in marriage, we delight in blessing such unions. We enjoy sharing the little guide, Dual Reflections: A Life Together, in preparing couples for their big day, planned in all
kinds of creative and loving ways. (Pets in tux, ties that bind, wraps that remember,
Native American Wedding Shawls, in homes and chapels and in fields of dreams and so much more….).