Good Earth Church of the Divine
Monday, June 05, 2023
Life at the crossroads of God-talk and Earth-works

Where We Are

We Are Located in a Barn!

...Not your average barn, but a beautiful  research facility...

    ...called Michael Fields Agricultural Institute.  Our chapel space is accessible, warm and
     beautiful, with parking, a kitchen, bathrooms, an elevator, a ramp and great acoustics.  
     We overlook acres of growing fields and orchards and test sites and Stella Gardens.  
     This is a site where school children and university scientists, farmers
     and interns  from many countries come to study soil conditions, biodynamic farming
     approaches (non-GMO), and crop types to feed a hungry world.          
    We celebrate Sunday services at 10:00 am, upstairs in the "Big Brown Barn"  There is a RAMP
    and an elevator for baby carriages or walkers or chairs.
    We host study and discussion groups, art exhibitions, musical and dramatic performances and
    annually honor an organization that cares for one of the four sacred elements:
    earth, water, energy  and air.  
     The honoree receives the Good Earth Award at a special event toward the end of the year.
    Our activities are all centered on our beautiful home in the cosmos.  Our mission is to be a 
    lively center for soul-care and earth-care, at N8030 Townline Road, on the edge
    of East Troy, WI, very close to Alpine Valley.  
    We are commissioned by the very first book of our Judeo-Christian Scriptures to nurture
    the garden.   We are  growing our lively 21st century ecumenical faith community as we work
    together to care for our fragile home, this Good Earth.  262-684-5193 for more information.