Good Earth Church of the Divine
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Life at the crossroads of God-talk and Earth-works


   Works on exhibit through mid-September 2018
    Penguin Grief                                 Summer Elk Storm                                                  Yellow Lily   

Our Sacred Season Artists

PREVIOUSLY: Sacred Spring 2018, The Orb Series of Mixed Media Works by Sandra Fink-May, including 
  OROTUNDITY, a reflection on Moon Stages
Here is a gallery of work by  the artists who have delighted visitors to the Good Earth Church of the Divine, at its home within Michael Fields Agricultural Institute (MFAI) in East Troy, Wisconsin.
MFAI is dedicated to soil care and sustainable agriculture  to feed a hungry world without poison;
Good Earth Church is dedicated to earth care as a sacred obligation and responsibility of ALL faiths.
"Red Parka", oil painting
Mary Nevicosi, SPRING 2014
"To Be There," b/w photography
Fred Noer, SUMMER 2014
"Flutterby Kimono", recyclables
Donna Tronca, SPRING 2015
"Wisconsin Lake"
color photography
James Steele, Summer 2015
"Crazy Quilt" , fiber
Kathi West, SPRING 2016
"Beauty Depends Upon Order and Magnitude" acrylic painting
Leo Rotelli, SUMMER 2016
"Walking Sticks & More"
Charles Kilmer, SPRING 2017
"Elegant Farmer Orchard"
Plein Air painting, acrylic
Thomas Buchs SUMMER 2017


"Barn on a Pond,"
mixed media
Mary Bub, FALL 2014

"Catch This," computer- assisted photography
Wayne Chritensen
FALL 2015
"My Life Is A Circle"
Pam Ring, Fall 2017
"Unexpected Aspect"
JoAnn O'Hare FALL 2016
"Icicles", acrylic paining,
Julie Wallace, WINTER, 2014
"Hare with Carrots", ceramic
Barbara Reinhart-Jeffrey Noska, WINTER 2015
"Lion in Winter," acrylic painting
Bill Bishop WINTER 2016
"Pond Bowl"
Work in wood
Tom Raushke WINTER 2017